What To Expect

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During this session we will discuss your personal hair care history, your styling preference and your lifestyle in order to determine if Sisterlocks™ are right for you.

You will also have TEST LOCKS put in your hair to see if they hold, check sizes, amount of scalp showing, settling in time, etc.

This consultation is essential for both of us, to ensure you get your Sisterlocks™ done in the most suitable way.

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Bring a good book because the locking process can take from 11 to 18 hours depending on hair length and size of locks to be installed or even longer in some cases.

The average Sisterlock customer will leave the session with an average of 400 locks and a whole new attitude!

I will provide you with a Starter Kit that includes the proper shampoo for starting your locks tiny rubber bands and tip sheets on grooming and shampooing as your locks settle-in. Be sure to schedule your follow-up visit before you leave. Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks™ over time.

There is now a Uk Sisterlocks Distributer where you can obtain all your Sisterlocks products from.

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You will need to schedule your follow-up visit which is usually within a month from the time you get your locks put in.

I will monitor the integrity within a month from the time you get your locks put in.

I will monitor the integrity of your locks, tighten them up and give you an idea of how long the settling-in process is likely to take.

You can also begin discussing styling tips for the total look that’s right for you.

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I recommend that you schedule your first few retightening visits at 4-6week intervals.

This way the progress of your locks can be monitored. As your locks mature I will be able to determine how often you will need to come in for retightening.

The average time is between 4 – 8 weeks depending on the hair type and rate of growth.